Hello lover,

Welcome to my website.

To those who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, allow me to introduce myself. I am a confident, sensual, and uninhibited young woman. Someone who is both passionate and passionately curious — a bibliophile with esoteric interests, a big, bubbly personality and a deeply human, empathetic disposition. I enjoy devouring knowledge, sparring discussion of abstract concepts, and exploring intuition. I carry a subtle poise and obvious charm aside from my quick wit, but I also know how to laugh at myself and enjoy the moment.

There are many monikers I could use to describe myself: epicurean sensualist, compassionate confidante, intuitive healer. I am a cultivator of intimacy; nurturing relationships and turning nervousness into openness is what I do best. I’d like to think that I have great experiences because I create them — through warmth and compassion, intuition, and a jubilant sense of charisma that simultaneously invites and evokes excitability. I am genuinely interested in connecting, drawing someone out, and facilitating a space where we can both reach the level of inhibition that lends itself to powerful, mind-blowing experiences.

Your comfort is of the utmost importance to me (big hugs to calm the nerves are my M.O.) because how you feel very much influences how I feel, and I’ve been told that my approachable demeanour naturally lends itself to making others feel immediately at ease. As for myself, I am just as comfortable dressing up for a night on the town as I am kicking back in my Calvin’s with good food and better company. Regardless of context, I am happiest when spending dedicated time truly connecting with another human being on an intimate level, beyond all pretence. The longer we have to explore each other, mind and spirit, the more open to gifting each other our raw, unbridled sensuality we will be when exploring each other’s bodies.

We could all use a restorative embrace and dedicated attention from time to time. Whether you endeavour to laugh, learn, share, or explore together (or, hopefully, all of the above!), if you are seeking the company of a vibrant, empathetic, intelligent, highly sensual and erotically sensitive woman, look no further — you have met your match.




“We can stop thinking of sexual energy as something we need to get rid of, to either repress with self-discipline or to discharge through orgasm. When we begin, instead, to amplify and savor erotic energy, we become lovers with all life.” -Caffyn Jesse

All races, genders, body types, ages & abilities welcome.